Saturday, January 26, 2008

What's up with Super Smash Bros.?!? More gaming...

It seems everyone is going ga-ga over this game.
Everyone is talking about it, everyone is pre-ordering it but I am just not so attracted to it. I mean, I enjoyed a lot the GameCube iteration... and that was some years ago... but still I enjoyed more Soul Calibur II on the little purple box!

Still, I can see why people are obsessing over it. Here is my list:

1) The 40+ characters you might be able to fight with
2) The interactive stages and different strategic points on each of these stages.
3) Online gameplay!
4) It's the only fighting game in the Wii that might be worth our time...

I'm leaning more on number 3 and 4 as the reason why everyone is going crazy for this. Still, I want to play it BUT don't think I'll buy it once it comes out... I'll give it a couple of weeks or months IF at all...

And speaking of games... I'm thinking of giving my Guitar Hero III on the Wii for Trade-in and buying the PS3 version... WHY?!? DOWNLOADABLE CONTENT!!!. Yep. I can soooooo imagine myself rocking out to Journey, Boston, Rush and Foreigner!! hehehehe

Finally, I know I haven't finished Motorstorm yet but... I WANT BURNOUT!!!!!!!

Ok... talk to youse later! ;-)

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