Sunday, January 13, 2008

Welcome Geeks!!!

Hello everyone.

I figured I needed to create another page to discuss the latest gadgets, music CDs, DVDs, or anything other than my personal life (I'll leave that on the other blog). So Sit back, relax and let the geeky-goodness begin.

I'll be starting by discussing the current Blu-Ray vs HD-DVD piece news we got almost two weeks ago regarding Warner Bros. jumping ship to the blue camp. Big news indeed. I still have not bought into the next gen movie players yet but this might change my mind. Right now Blu-ray has support from the following studios:

Walt Disney
20th Century Fox
Warner Bros
New Line Cinema

while HD DVD stays with the following supporters:

Paramount Pictures
Universal Pictures
Dreamworks Animation

One of the reasons Warner supposedly jumped camps was because of International sales of the BluRay format. There was/is a rumor that 500 million $$$ made them jump ship but I guess we'll never know.

Since I don't have either of those formats, I was thinking of buying a PS3 and get the best of both, gaming and movie worlds. It sounds good BUT I wont give in yet. I'm going to wait for the dust to settle and then make my move. Also I don't think (as a gamer) that I'll be able to spend a lot of time playing since I still have Wii and DS games I haven't finished yet! ;-)

Anyway, I guess this was a good way to start.

Any comments or suggestions, hit me up G!!


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