Thursday, June 30, 2011

My First Amp...

Yeah, in College I started playing guitar... self learner (which is why I still don't know how to properly play the fucking guitar!), grabbed my Dad's old acoustic guitar, took it the apartment I was sharing with my buddies and just started strumming the heck out of that 80s Spanish guitar.

A few years later I figured I'd get an electric.
I bought a new Ibanez GAX75 (look it up... it had the "Drop-D" mechanism! hehehe) and of course I needed an amp. Enter Behringer GAX210:

To me this was a HUGE buy at the time!
I was at College, didn't had too much money and had to work a bit to buy the things I wanted but I did and was satisfied with the amp. I know Behringer gets/got a lot of shit due to their quality and technical support but I had this amp since 2001 I believe and IT NEVER FAILED ON ME!

It had 2 Jensen 10 inchers which got extremely loud fast! I mean, for a "practice" amp, you could really take this to a gig and it wouldn't have been overpowered by the drums!

What I loved about it though? Integrated effects!!! LOL I was so cheap that I didn't wanted to buy extra pedals for Chorus, Flanger, Wah, etc. effects so I got an amp that did that too (at the time there was also Line 6 making GREAT amps but they were out of my reach!).

I had good times with it but I wasn't using it that much, so I decided to sell it. In fact, it is getting a LOT of use by the guy I sold it too. He plays with his brothers and actually is just promoting his record... let me plug him:

I just have to say, Don't OVERLOOK Behringer! Give some of their products a try and if you like it, keep it! If not, most music stores have trial dates and you can return the merchandise! I would definitely buy more stuff from them if I think they're doing what I want them to!

Check it!

Nokia E71 -- Best Phone I've ever had...


As I mentioned on my previous post, I'm going to start posting some short reviews/views on things I have bought these past few years. I will start with my current cell-phone: Nokia E71

This phone specifications (for being a 2008 phone) are up to the roof full of them. It's 3G, has Wifi, GPS, Bluetooth, Infrared support, USB, an extra microSD slot, Cameras in the front and back (yes, you could video call with this BEFORE there was "FaceTime"...), FM Radio, Java, Flash, etc. I tell you, Nokia does know how to build a phone!

Even though they have fallen with time (and that new partnership with Microsoft... yuck...) NO ONE can deny the build of these guys! Look at these!

Now, I bought this phone on 2009 (December I believe) and you might be asking yourselves: "Why the hell did he bought that ass-backward phone when there's the iPhone, a million other touch-screen devices, etc.?!?).

My answer will honestly be... I F*CKING HATE APPLE!! LOL!!
But seriously I've always loved Nokia (and I HATE Apple! :-p) Before college, all of my dad's phones were Nokia (I think he had a Motorola once, and returned it!), my phones most of them have been Nokias. I was using a simple Sony Ericson Walkman phone before this one (the company I work for did not allow smartphones!) so for me this was a HUGE upgrade and a return to my dear Finnish company.
One of the things that called my attention though, the QWERTY Keyboard. Yes there were Blackberries, but DAMMIT I wanted a Nokia! This fit the bill quite nice since I'm a text-whore! Lovely thing though, I started installing more apps. Got the Garmin GPS in there with the 2010 maps, got some Facebook and Twitter apps, got me the most important one, Joikuspot, which allows me to tether, etc. and I have to say that the phone just do what it's supposed to and more.

People still ask me: "Why don't you get an Android phone or an iPhone and join the masses?" Frankly, I don't need to join the masses! My phone works for me and next time I'll probably buy another QWERTY Nokia either with Meego or WinMobile (YIKES!). Thing is, I just call, text, do some social networking and a couple of pictures and that's it. For music listening I have like 3 Archos PMPs. For video recording I have a Kodak Zi Camera (which I rarely use and will probably sell!!!), etc. I don't need Fart Apps! I don't need apps that tell me where I can eat! I just want a solid good-looking phone that will last! And this one, almost 2 years and still going strong!

In closing, love the qwerty on the phone, love the looks, love what it can do and I really rate it an 8/10 !!!

I'm not getting into technical aspects or a full overview, but just know, this was probably the best "business-like" phone of its time and still is a solid dialer!

For a full review you can visit dozen of sites or just go to this one which is pretty complete:

GSM Arena's Review

Thanks for reading and keep on trucking!

Short update after a freaking year...


Still alive but haven't had time to write my thoughts on ALL THE SHIT I have bought in the past year (and trust me, when you are a shopaholic, there's A LOT of stuff you buy and then try to get rid of!!! LOL).

Since I know NO ONE will mind (no one reads this! HEHEHE) I will just post a couple of grainy-ass pictures and thoughts on the things I have, have bought, sold, etc.

Let's see... what do I start up with?!?