Sunday, August 10, 2008

PC Games

Hi guys.

I was out of the loop regarding PC games for a while (since College I guess). I mean, I was kind of a computer freak back then but when I started working I became more of a movie freak. Since I bought the GeForce card like a month ago, I gave a shot to some PC games just to see how they ran. So I stood away from my PS3, Wii and DS and gave the PC a chance... and I'm glad I did.

Yesterday I spent like 6 hours or more playing GRID.
Great graphics, good progression, great options and better yet you can choose your difficulty by races or events! The game is running really smooth on the 'puter thanks to the new addition.

Also got Bioshock.
I know it's coming to the PS3 but so what!
These FPS are better played with a keyboard and mouse anyway! hehehehe
I was really surprised at the level of detail of the game. Great graphics and better yet, great atmosphere. (those little girls scare the hell out of me!)

I have tried a couple of other demos and they run flawlessly on my computer. So the total tally for my PC was:


And I can play all of these games... I'm wondering if I should buy another company owned workstation! WOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Well, this was just a little update.

Talk to you soon!