Monday, January 14, 2008

And this is why I love American Musical....

Yesterday I made an order of Monitor Stands for my newly acquired Tapco Monitors and the guys over at AMS shipped them today!

These are the monitors:

S5 Active Monitors

These are the stands:

Monitor Stands

And what's even better, it was cheaper because they gave me an extra discount via e-mail for my recent purchase and my review of the site (which you can see on the main site still):

American Musical

I'm the ass that wrote: "I love ordering from AMS. And what's really special about them and sets them apart from the competition is the extra 1 year warranty they apply for a lot of the products they carry. Couple that with great low prices and good service and you get the best music online store there is!"


But it's the truth.
I've only ordered from Musicians Friend or ZMusic like 1 time each and I keep going back to AMS and probably always will. (lambon mode off... I promise!)

Anyway, hopefully I'll get my stands soon and my PC monitor will stop suffering the consequences caused by my Audio monitors!! ;-)


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