Tuesday, May 18, 2010

PS3 went KAPUT!!!

What a sad day it was! :-(

My trusty Playstation 3 was already giving me some hints that it would failed but I wouldn't listen. Friday night, after playing a bit of the God of War Collection, I started downloading some goodies from the Playstation Store and then... **BEEP**


My PS3 turned off by itself! So I tried to turn it On and... ** beep beep beep ** red light blinking... "AAARRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!" Yes guys, I experienced the Yellow Light of Death (YLOD). So of course, being a geek, I opened up the PS3 and I think I know what's going on but I'm in need of a heat gun. Since it was late at night, I just closed the system up and on Saturday I got a Playstation Slim. It's alright... but I miss my old one.

Anyway, I took it to a place where they fix PS3s.
Let's see what they tell me...

It was indeed a sad day though.