Saturday, January 26, 2008

Rambo, Cloverfield, movies...

One of my co-workers asked me on Friday: "Are you going to see Rambo?"
I just laughed...
I mean, RAMBO?!?!! Sly Stallone Rambo?!?!?! hehehehe
What's up with this guy? First Rocky Balboa, now Rambo! What's next?

Cliffhanger 2?
Lock Up 2?
Cobra 2?
Over the Top 2?

hehehehe The only one I would see is Tango and Cash 2 if Kurt Russell signs up! ;)

So, after all of these came up to my mind (right after the guy asked the question) I answered: "HELL NO!" I'm not going to see it, I DON'T WANT TO SEE IT but you know what... I kind of do. lol Probably just to see buckets of blood if there are any... other than that... it should be a pretty forgettable movie.

Regarding Cloverfield, I thought I had talked about this before (probably on Gelocks Corner) and I really hate the handheld camera work! It makes me want to throw up... as in the last 2 Bourne movies! Hate that Paul Greengrass... I guess the use of hand-held is effective sometimes but throughout the whole movie?!?! Damn... Still I liked the Bourne movies so I will probably like Cloverfield.

Finally ... still don't know which movie will be my first Blu ray disc. Was thinking of something like 28 days later which has a lot of darkness but also should show some good details once they are outside... or maybe Sunshine! Die Hard 4 is a no-go since I already have the 2 disc collectors edition... still don't know. I'll decide later...

Anyway... bye

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