Sunday, January 11, 2009

Mio Moov 300 and Vizio VP322

I have this new gear and I haven't had time to get some of my views on it! I will though, I will... but I wont promise shiiit! hehehehhee


Playstation 3 is gaining steam...

hehehe yeah right!
Oh well, I still have what I believe should have been Game of the Year!
I'm talking of course about Fallout 3. What I believe hurts the game are the freaking BUGS! This game crashed on me so many times that after that I was afraid of not saving my progress constantly. Still, I invested almost 60 hours on 1 save file and like 10 hours on another (being the Bad Bitch!! hehehe). Now I'm trying to unlock all of the trophies. I wont spoil anything regarding story or side-quests but if you are reading this, and you are a PS3 owner, there's no excuse to not own this!

Another game I played a bit was the big buzz title, Little Big Planet. I agree that it is a gorgeous title that it's being kept alive by the gaming community and all that but I HATE THE PLATFORMING HERE and sadly for me, this is a platforming game. I just can't stand the jumping physics! They should have worked on that more. I'll probably be returning this.

Resistance 2. I finally started playing this FPS and I have to say that not only does it looks great, it plays even better. And although I have not invested a lot of time with it, the little online playtime I had was freaking awesome! Hopefully I'll spend more time with this during the month.

Bad News:

- Still haven't played Metal Gear 4
- Still have not completed all of the trophies in Burnour :(
- Still have like 4 Blu Ray movies to go through! ;)
- Haven't played enough Rock Band 2!

If you are reading this, have a PS3 and a facebook account, you can join the following group:

PlayStation Network - Puerto Rico

Look for us!
We are already 166 members strong ;-)


So many movies and NO REVIEW?!!?

Hehehehe I know!
I haven't had time to even post 1 review! :-(

For the updated movie list visit:

My Movies

I have to say though, a few snippets:

+ Heath Ledger's acting in The Dark Knight was really good but I don't know if it's worthy of an Oscar. I really liked the little things he did.
+ Guillermo del Toro is a master! I didn't know a comedy/action flick like Hellboy II could have such gorgeous visuals!!!
+ Pushing Daisies was a really good concept for a TV series. Too bad it didn't last that long :-(
+ Reaper == HOTNESS
+ Have I said this before? I LOVE KEVIN SMITH!
+ Zack and Miri makes a Porno. How the hell did this not get an NC17 rating?!? It was really raunchy and Mr. Smith didn't pull any punches.
+ Tropic Thunder was awesome and Robert Downey Jr. is a beast! (What can't he do?!?)

- Drunken Monkey could have been better.
- Get Smart could have been better.

And that's all I have regarding the movies and series I've seen these past few weeks/months.

P.S. New Season of Lost coming this month!!!!