Monday, October 26, 2009

DecalGirl PS3 Skin Kit

Hello everyone!

So a friend of mine at work was doing what we all usually do at work (browse the net -- don't tell anyone!) and stumbled on a website selling different skins for a bunch of gadgets and gaming consoles (Xbox, DS, PSP, iPods, etc.)

Since he owns a PS3 he started looking at some of the custom skins they had there and sent me his choice via e-mail. I thought: "WTF!?! The PS3 is a gorgeous console (although big and heavy as hell) why would you butcher it by applying some God-awful skin?" After 5 minutes looking at some designs, I was ready to order one! hehehehe Oh the irony! And since, well, like I've said before, I'm compulsive, I ordered one.

Decided on "World Killer" (since I enjoy all those space/sci-fi themes anywhere (be it art, movies, etc.)

World Killer PS3 Theme

Now, as you can see in the pictures, it arrives in a neat package (both the console and controller skins). Also, the PS3 kit is divided in 3 parts: Main Console, Memory Card compartment and Power/Eject area strip. Picture/graphics quality is excellent and I can tell you that their "Guarantee" is real. I did NOT see any smudging, nor fading as of now.


My GOOOOODDDD what a pain in the ass this was to put on! lol
I think I spent half an hour to try and put the "main" part of the skin on my PS3 and I still ended up with air bubbles all over the place! :-( Slowly but surely I could put it MOSTLY correct. They have "instructions" on the website but what I would really recommend is: GET ANOTHER PERSON TO HELP!!!!

(you can see that one section was botched up on this picture!!! lol)

Anyway, if you get anyone to help, this can be done in like 10 minutes and your PS3 will look just like you want it without spending a lot of money.

The controller skin was actually easier to put than the main console one. It looks like a great quality skin and does not feel uncomfortable at all when playing. Hopefully that one will not smudge or fade because of the constant use (also, another good point, these skins will not leave ugly, sticky "glue" on your console if you decide to remove them in the future -- at least that's what they say! hehehe).

Now to the most important question: DO I recommend this?

Answer: Hell Yeahhh.

If you are looking to give an extra ooommmpphh to your PS3 or whatever gadget, find a skin that suits you, that you like and try it. These skins are fairly cheap (I'm surprised because they seem to be of very high quality!!) so you wont be feeling "buyer's remorse" if you decide that you don't like it later!

All in all, Thumbs Up!!!

Check it peeps!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Motorola Droid Preview...


I'm not really a fan of these multi-purpose phones (i.e to me a phone is just to make calls and if I want internet or any other thing I use a MID, UMPC, etc.) But this one:

Motorola Droid

sure got me interested! The spec list is as long as my... well not that short.. hehehehehe Check out the preview above and you'll know what I'm talking about.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

DC VGA Box, Case Logic bag etc.

Hello peeps!

A new post equals other items in the stash of the compulsive buyer called Angel. On this “edition” I’ll give my input on a couple of things I ordered from what’s becoming my favorite place to order stuff… eBay! Actually, it’s the worst place also for a compulsive biiiaaatttchhh like me, but what the heck. I’m going to start with an oldie but goodie,

1) Dreamcast VGA Box

This last month was the Dreamcast console 10th anniversary, I’d figured I make use of it a bit by playing a couple of games like Rayman 2, Skies of Arcadia, etc. All was well until I could not find my VGA box (Dreamcast was one of the first consoles to use a higher definition output). I had to use the normal RCA cables to put up the shots from a previous post so I went to eBay to look for a replacement (since my super duper cheapo Vizio Plasma has VGA input).

This is just like the device I had before and consists of a VGA/Audio output on one side, normal RCA output on the other side and a switch to select between VGA and RCA (which is really good since some games don’t output in VGA mode!). Tested it out, works as expected and definitely VGA games look sharper on the TV. The cost, only $15 bucks and the Dreamcast will still be connected on that TV until it dies (or I move! Hehehe)

2) Case Logic Netbook Bag

So, since I’m the proud owner of a Toshiba NB205-310 netbook, I needed something to store this beautiful thing on but I really did not wanted a pouch or something like that. I began looking at bags but a lot of them were too darn big. Then, I found a good looking small bag capable of handling 10.1 inch netbooks. The problem was that the store did NOT ship to Puerto Rico (as if we were in the freaking Twilight Zone!) Anyway, back again I went to… eBay! Lol

The cool thing about this bag is that it not only stores the netbook but also it’s accessories. In fact, right now I have the netbook, the charger, the USB GPS (more on this later :-p), and I can even put the Archos 7 there. Nice! The bag doesn’t feel heavy at all with all of these things in and seems well made (though more padding in the netbook partition would have been welcomed. Overall, I like it.

3) Globalsat BU-353 USB GPS

So I wanted to have GPS capabilities without carrying around my netbook AND my Mio Moov 310 GPS units so I figured: “Hey! I can just buy a USB GPS thingie, install a Windows app and be done with it. The Globalsat unit is a beast. It actually acquires the satellites very quickly and coupled with Garmin Mobile PC software, it is basically a 10 inch navigational system that you can use it anywhere (pretty much like a normal GPS unit except that you get more battery life with the netbook and it’s 10 inches lol).

The simple case comes with the USB unit (tiny and looks like a squashed PC mouse) a suction adapter and a CD with software. Have not used the CD and it works well (my netbook recognized it without the need of installing special drivers). I had a copy of the Garmin software and it is quite good.

Overall, pretty good.
Will I use it in my car?
OF COURSE NOT! I would need a Ram-Mount in order to use my netbook as a GPS, but I think this device is a good companion for anyone that has a netbook.

4) OCZ High Performance 2GB Laptop Ram

Yes, I’m already thinking about upgrading my netbook to Windows 7 and I saw a 2GB laptop module for cheap over at?!?!?! EBay! Hehehe I couldn’t resist so I ordered it. The Toshiba is easily update-able so I removed the 1GB module and replaced it with the new one. It seems I can load a couple of more items (I.e. better multitask) so I guess Win7 will run good on this (I’m still waiting to see battery life reports using Win7 and waiting for Toshiba to port more of their utilities to Vista/7.)

I guess that’s all for now guys.
I ordered an Archos 5 Internet Tablet Android of 32GB SSD and I CANCELLED THE ORDER. I’m reading some positives but a ton of cons. Still don’t know if I’ll give Archos another chance… thinking about the Viliv… if it wasn’t so freaking expensive… but it would work oh so well with that Garmin GPS software... :-p

Check it later guys.!