Sunday, January 20, 2008

My Song: Wishing

Seems to be getting a lot of internet "airplay" as it was up to #6 in the soundclick charts:



That's the power of Harmony Central's Songwriting Forum! hehehe
I'm always asking on ways to improve my "songs" since this is really a good hobby that I would like to keep pursuing all of my life. All of the suggestions I receive I take them to heart and try to practice, practice and practice.

Anyway, nothing to see here!



Alberto said...

Hahaha, Gelo the artist!

It's cool your doing this sort of thing. Maybe I can/could make a video for one of your songs, and debut it about two years later. How does this sound for you? :P

Anyways, give this link and the soundclick one to Carlo and Jose Rafael. So you'll have a couple of more visits. :-)

Angel Melendez said...

hehehehe Falta mucho pa llegar a ser musico o artista! hehehe

Le tengo q avisar a Mr. Carlo...
le dire por facebook o algo asi.