Sunday, January 20, 2008

Couldn't Resist... and bought a PS3.

This weekend I went to pay for my furniture and my Plasma TV since I had till February to pay without finance charges and since I spent a whole lot of $$$ I said: "What the heck, I should keep this spending binge going!" hehehehe

I went home, took a look at my Playstation 2, at the games, at some Nintendo DS games and decided to trade in a couple of games and along the PS2. Left home with a PS2, Fight Night Round 3 for the PS2, New Super Mario Bros., Meteos and Mario Kart for my DS. Went to Gamestop, gave everything and asked for an 80GB PS3 and Call of Duty 4. They gave me $102 for the things I brought so I paid like $485 for the new PS3 and COD4. I think it's a pretty decent deal.

Here are some pics:

And here's a video (no audio) of a Motorstorm video:

(For more info on the game: Metacritic Link and Sony's Motorstorm Page)

** In Sony's page you can watch gameplay videos with audio. **

I have to say... I'm HOOKED!
After seeing the PS3 in action at home I don't even want to power up my Wii (I did play a little bit of GH3 on it today though ;-)). Motorstorm looks great, Call of Duty 4 looks even better! I have played some games on XBOX 360 and I STILL BELIEVE that the 360 has the better games BUT I'm a movie buff. I'll probably watch more movies than play on my PS3 and since it upscales normal DVDs and plays Blu-ray, what the heck.

Anyway, I'll try and enjoy these things while I'm young.

Talk to you later guys!


Alberto said...

Hahaha, cool!

I'm kinda of on the same boat as you were, but I want a media center. Here is a link to convince yourself the PS3 was a better thing to buy.

Now check the divx playback when you get a chance, also check if you can play DivxHD there is some out there. Let me know if you need to find some.

So yes, I'm thinking of building a Media Center. appleTV or Mac Mini or PS3 or Xbox 360. It's what I have in mind, xbox not so much çause of the hardware failuers I keep hearing about. The macs, just because I'm a fanboy :P and the PS3 just cause couple of friends have them and HD movies. Hehehe, I shouldn't spend all that money and just get my apartment.

Carlo said...

my friend, you have to add me to your list. crodriguez is my nickname on the PS3.

Angel Melendez said...

You are right Alberto!
Buy yourself a fucking apt and get the hell out of your parents house!!! hehehehe

First the apt, then your toys! :-p
At least that's what I did... ;-)

Un dia de estos los invito aqui pa hacer un Wii Party o whatever,..


P.S. Carloooo. Te anado luego! Se jodio el poco de vida social q tenia...

dbest said...

Diablos que jodió geek abriendo otro blog pa hablar de tecnología/crap :-P. Tanta mierda que hablaste de COD4 en el XBOX 360 y te lo terminaste comprando pal PS3 :-|. Ese juego esta bien cabrón, creo q hiciste la mejor compra por q el XBOX 360 tiene más juegos pero de q vale tener una consola q lo más seguro vas a tener q enviar a garantía varias veces por q se te va a descojonar :-S, . MS sigue perdiendo chavos con las mierdas que esta haciendo Vista, Garantías en XBOX 360 descabronados, Zune .... Diablos cuando tengas la primera pron en Blue-ray me avisas :-P. Que sucio distes Mario Kart pal DS :-( , ese juego no se cambia ^_^. Alberto creo q si es mejor invertir en una propiedad y luego te tiras los gustitos por el lado :-). Bueno me alegro que tengas un juguete nuevo jodió geek. Jejeje hablamos :-P.

dbest said...

Jajaja u are so freaking gay, viendo Legends of The Fall. Jajajja, okay .... hablamos era pa eso nada más.

Angel Melendez said...

En realidad, como dice mi post, lo compre p q veo muchas peliculas y como "bono" pues juego tambien! Con todo y eso sigo pensando q el Xbox es mejor en juegos pero el DVD player del 360 no vale un carajo y el HD DVD ya esta casi muerto!

hehehehe Sabras q todavia no he visto ni Babel y ni Legends of the Fall!! No se de q tratan tan siquiera... a lo mejor es q no me gusta Brad Pitt... pero al parecer a ti si cabron p q al parecer ya has visto esa pelicula?!?!?! heheheh


Jon Wise said...

I went with a 360, specifically for the media center part of it -- most of our movies are stored digitally, and the XBox has good mechanism for getting them and playing them.
That said, 2008 is looking to be the year of the PS3 -- finally, after a long road. I'd be interested in reading about how Bluray movies work out for you...

Angel Melendez said...

Hi Jon.

Let me tell you, it looks beeeaaauutifulll!!! :-p Just got 30 days of Night and the transfer is just awesome. It blows out of the water anything I have seen on my TV set yet. I'll post a review later next week if I have time.