Sunday, January 11, 2009

So many movies and NO REVIEW?!!?

Hehehehe I know!
I haven't had time to even post 1 review! :-(

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I have to say though, a few snippets:

+ Heath Ledger's acting in The Dark Knight was really good but I don't know if it's worthy of an Oscar. I really liked the little things he did.
+ Guillermo del Toro is a master! I didn't know a comedy/action flick like Hellboy II could have such gorgeous visuals!!!
+ Pushing Daisies was a really good concept for a TV series. Too bad it didn't last that long :-(
+ Reaper == HOTNESS
+ Have I said this before? I LOVE KEVIN SMITH!
+ Zack and Miri makes a Porno. How the hell did this not get an NC17 rating?!? It was really raunchy and Mr. Smith didn't pull any punches.
+ Tropic Thunder was awesome and Robert Downey Jr. is a beast! (What can't he do?!?)

- Drunken Monkey could have been better.
- Get Smart could have been better.

And that's all I have regarding the movies and series I've seen these past few weeks/months.

P.S. New Season of Lost coming this month!!!!

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