Sunday, November 30, 2008

More movies and a new gadget...

Hello guys!

I keep neglecting this because of time and work constraints but I'll try to make a few updates this month. First of all, being a compulsive ass, I ordered more movies from Columbia House. I'll probably be reviewing a couple of them here. They are (in no particular order):

1) Miller's Crossing
2) Dolls
3) Drunken Monkey
4) War Inc.
5) Get Smart
6) Kung Fu Panda
7) Hellboy II (Blu Ray)

On this past Black Friday I went to Radio Shack to check on some GPS and found a good deal on a Moov Mio 300 for just $139.99 (retails @ $229.00). Already started testing it and soon I will try unlocking it and using other navigators (just to learn and to test it).

Finally I have also bought some PS3 games (from the Playstation Store and retail discs also). So as you can see, I might have some new material for December!! YAY!

Anyway, when I get everything in order, I will start making some posts here ;-)

Talk to all of you soon.

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