Thursday, June 30, 2011

My First Amp...

Yeah, in College I started playing guitar... self learner (which is why I still don't know how to properly play the fucking guitar!), grabbed my Dad's old acoustic guitar, took it the apartment I was sharing with my buddies and just started strumming the heck out of that 80s Spanish guitar.

A few years later I figured I'd get an electric.
I bought a new Ibanez GAX75 (look it up... it had the "Drop-D" mechanism! hehehe) and of course I needed an amp. Enter Behringer GAX210:

To me this was a HUGE buy at the time!
I was at College, didn't had too much money and had to work a bit to buy the things I wanted but I did and was satisfied with the amp. I know Behringer gets/got a lot of shit due to their quality and technical support but I had this amp since 2001 I believe and IT NEVER FAILED ON ME!

It had 2 Jensen 10 inchers which got extremely loud fast! I mean, for a "practice" amp, you could really take this to a gig and it wouldn't have been overpowered by the drums!

What I loved about it though? Integrated effects!!! LOL I was so cheap that I didn't wanted to buy extra pedals for Chorus, Flanger, Wah, etc. effects so I got an amp that did that too (at the time there was also Line 6 making GREAT amps but they were out of my reach!).

I had good times with it but I wasn't using it that much, so I decided to sell it. In fact, it is getting a LOT of use by the guy I sold it too. He plays with his brothers and actually is just promoting his record... let me plug him:

I just have to say, Don't OVERLOOK Behringer! Give some of their products a try and if you like it, keep it! If not, most music stores have trial dates and you can return the merchandise! I would definitely buy more stuff from them if I think they're doing what I want them to!

Check it!

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