Saturday, September 19, 2009

Improving Netbook Video Performance....

I think I found the best web post ever!!!! lol

I've been visiting the website for quite some time and like 3 weeks ago I decided to check the forums (I just visited the site for the reviews, unboxing of gadgets, etc.)... boy am I GLAD I did.

If you have a netbook then you know that yes, although you can play Divx, Xvid movies, MKVs or High-Def videos are out of the question. They become choppy and unwatchable. I followed the instructions on this post:

Improve Video for Sony Vaio P

and I'm watching a 720p video of Marquez vs Paquiao II without stuttering!

BRILLIANT! Although the instructions are for a Sony Vaio P using Windows XP, the method works for my netbook (Toshiba NB-205 with a different graphics chipset), the only step you have to skip is, TO NOT DOWNLOAD THE VIDEO DRIVERS supplied on the link!! Other than that, download: CoreAVC, KMPlayer and set the software as per the pictures on the post (which I wont post here since the post is not mine!)

If you have a netbook, I really recommend this!!!

Check it.

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