Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Archos 5 Android plus that "other" release...

Hello guys and gals.

Today is quite a special day in the world of PMPs... Microsoft Zune HD is already moving everywhere (online and off), the latest MS update is live (so that you can play with your new Zune HD) and the might Archos 5 IMT Android was released for public viewing and MIGHT be available for purchase tomorrow! Oh my dear Archos, you should know HOW MUCH I HATE YOU, but it's just because I love you!!!! lol

As you might be aware by now, I'm an Archos advocate, and although the latest one I got (The Archos 7) is great, there are those random locks and reboots Archos is known for. With this new Archos 5 Android though, we are seeing the new generation of PMPs completely integrating:

1) Video
2) Music
3) Internet
4) Recording
5) GPS, Bluetooth, Wifi (n), etc.

Worst thing, just like 4 months ago I bought the 7... and now... I'm thinking about buying this one! That's what happens when you love gadgets and you are compulsive!! lol But, I will WAIT! I know Archos, I know their reputation, but this new unit is just too tempting.

Heck, see it yourselves: Archos 5 Android Hands-On by ENGADGET

Now the big deal here for me (which would make it a must buy!) is the GPS functionality. But... I know what you are saying, don't you already have a GPS Nav?
Of course I do! lol BUT, why have another unit to carry when I can just use one for everything? You can also ask: why don't you just get a USB dongle for your NETBOOK? Hmmmm... I already ordered one (review coming soon!) but again, it's not too practical nor safe having a netbook in the car and even with a RAM-MOUNT, I would not like that there!

So, I was checking out my options and I had gotten to the conclusion that I would need a Viliv X70EX unit:

This one is KIND-OF a netbook. It has an Atom CPU, 1GB Ram, 32GB SSD (plus Micro SD slot), it also has GPS and since it's based on WinXP, you can install any GPS software you'd like! The only bad thing, PRICE!! At almost $800 this is really not that good a deal.

But the Archos 5 Android will start at $200 probably for an 8GB SSD version!!! (with 160GB HD units going for $350 maybe!). The only thing I would need to make sure of is that GPS works here in Puerto Rico (i.e. that the GPS software includes maps for this place!). If it does, bye bye Mio Moov and hello Archos 5!

Still, it's better to wait for them to work their kinks though. Usually the first Archos adopters ARE THE BETA TESTERS for this company so I will probably wait a while for more info.

So as of now, PROS for the Archos 5 Android:

- Good battery Life (expect 20 hours music / 6 for video -- at low LCD light of course)
- Would be my FIRST Android Device
- Built-In GPS
- Same codec support as before WITHOUT PAYING FOR THE PLUG-INS!!! (yeah I SHAT my pants when I read that!!!)
- Support for MKV files (HD Video support, not WMV related! :-p)
- WiFi (802.11 b/g/n)
- Bluetooth 2.0
- FM transmitter and receiver (RDS)


- Android platform and Archos Linux working at the same time (hmmmm... let's see how it handles crashes!!!)
- GPS lack of details
- There would still be things Archos will probably charge us for
- NO FLASH support as of now (Adobe is STILL working on an update for Mobile Devices, this includes Android support in Archos!)
- Low volumes as always
- Did I mentioned crashes!?!? :-p

Still, I believe that the "Pros" kick the "Cons" ass! :-p
And of course, this is a better value than the Viliv, so ... we'll see...

I'll see....

Angel's Credit Card: "Please nooooo, I'm almost maxed out!! NOOOOOOO!!!!"


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