Sunday, October 2, 2011

HORROR FEST!!! October Horror movie challenge..


So... I decided to indirectly participate in DVD Talk's 7th Annual "October Horror Movie Challenge". What is that? Basically the goal is to watch 100 movies in 31 days. Of course, not everyone is able to achieve that so in my case (as a lot of people) I plan to watch 1 each day so at least 31 in total. My list is quite weird, but it's mostly made up of movies I have in my collection.

I already started so I will keep updating the blog with mini reviews for the movies I see each day...

October 1: Final Destination --> So where the hell is Devon Sawa!?!? Is he alive? Anyway, decided to watch the first Final Destination on the first day of this challenge because:

1) It's an entertaining movie
2) It's fast paced
3) it's the first one I picked randomly from my collection! :-p

I still think that this is the best of the series, maybe not the best "death" scenes but at least they were more believable (take that word lightly though...) Loved the acting of Devon (I also liked him in Idle Hands... which is more of "horror-comedy") and a few others. And of course, the cameo by Mr. Candyman himself.

Anyway, I enjoyed it yesterday like I enjoyed it the first time so that must be good right?!

October 2: A Blade in the Dark --> Now, here's a movie about another Italian director trying to be bloody and artsy at the same time. Like most of their "thrillers", almost no story, slow paced and the acting is terrible. Voice dubbing almost killed it too! (It better be dubbing because it was atrocious!). The ending you could see it coming a mile away and it shows that director Lamberto Bava will never live up to his dad's work!!! This is an hour and forty eight minutes that could really be cut to an hour and make the movie more effective (i.e. pick up the pace a bit!).

Maybe I'm being too critical due to seeing work from other Italian directors in the 70s and 80s but good God, I did not like this one too much. If I was to rate it I would give it a 1.5 out of 5 (because I liked the Villa atmosphere and the main "song"... gotta love those synths sounds!!!)

And that's it for now... I'll probably create new posts or just keep on editing this one! :-p


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