Thursday, September 15, 2011

Monoprice MHP-839/Kicker HP541 DECALS!!!


Remember my review from a long time ago (like 10 minutes ago!?!) where I talk about how the Monoprice headphones are really CLONES of Kicker headphones? Well, since they are so similar, there are decals that go right with it and I did buy one of those just to test them.

Decalgirl offers a bunch of decals for kicker headphones. I decided on a weird looking one:

If you remember long ago (a couple of years), I did buy decals from this very same company for my Playstation 3. I liked it a lot so I went with the same company and I can safely say that the quality is still top-notch, easy to use and looks great.

Pretty straight-forward to "install" on the cups... and the end result.

Gave it a bit more life than a boring "Monoprice" or "Kicker" logo would have.
Quite satisfied.!


See ya!

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