Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Shure SRH-440 mini review


Last year, after using open Sony cans that served me well for what seemed to be a lifetime, I decided that it was time to look for new cans, ones that would let me get lost in my world while I was at work and to use for recording ideas that sometimes hit my head. The search was long and hard. I read hundreds of reviews from different sites, different types of headsets (i.e. in-ear, closed, open, etc.) and in the end I still did not know what I wanted. Enter Shure:

Now, this company is no stranger to the audio business. Anyone that has seen ANY concert knows their presence since the SM57 is one of the most-used microphones ever. It seems they are gathering a strong presence also in the earphone business, something I did NOT know of. When I looked at the SRH series, I felt in love. Then I read some of the reviews and it was a given, I NEEDED TO OWN ONE OF THESE.


I got the SRH-440, they're the middle pair of the SRH series.
Now, remember on that first paragraph when I said I wanted new headphones to use at work/home? Well, I bring back that note because these cans are BIG. Really big! Also, these cans are HEAVY and these cans make use of a 10 foot long COILED cable!!! Trust me, you wouldn't want to use these while walking in the mall or wherever... get some cheap in-ears for that.


* Transducer type: Dynamic neodymium magnet
* Driver size: 40 mm
* Sensitivity (1kHz): 105 dB
* Impedance (1kHz): 44 Ω
* Max. input power (1kHz): 500 mW
* Frequency range: 10 Hz - 22 kHz
* Net weight (without cable): 181 g
* Length of cable: 3 meters
* Type of cable: Detachable coiled oxygen-free copper
* Plug: Gold-plated 1/8" (3.5 mm) stereo mini jack

Package Contents

* Shure SRH440 Professional Closed Back Headphones
* Replacement ear cushions
* Threaded 6.35mm gold-plated adapter
* Detachable Coiled cable
* Travel pouch

Even though these are intended for musicians and they even mention the word "MONITOR" when describing these, they do not have a flat response, meaning there is some "coloring" when listening to music and that does not a good pair of monitors make... but that doesn't mean they don't sound AWESOME!!!!!!!! And that's the best thing, you get immersed with the sound they produce.


Let me start saying, I'm no expert. I'm no musician. I'm not an enthusiast! I'm just an end user with very distinct tastes. I can listen everything from Chopin to freaking Dillinger Escape Plan but I want them to sound good :-p and believe me, these pair sounds great. Pop in the "Fuck Buttons" and you'll hear every effect, every beat perfectly! Put on some Underoath, Killswitch Engage, etc. and you'll hear every bass line more clearly, every lick sounds fucking tasty and that's what's important. Definitely the sound is what puts this headset on the map! The only negatives with the sound... vocals!! I mean, the whole mid-range is kind of weak, but other than that the balance is quite good.

Sure, the headphones do have its cons, but overall, these are the best pair my ears have had the pleasure of hearing (and I've had some Seinheisers, Grados, etc... they are all good, but they also have their differences and if you give me some SR60s, I'll pick the Shures!)


Shure did enter the headphone arena with a fucking bang! Love the sound produced by the SRH-440 and the design is great. Being closed earphones, you can indeed use them for recording on a studio but be aware of the slight coloration. The best part about all of this, that I had not mentioned, these cans only cost $100 bucks. Heck, if you go to amazon.com, you'll probably find them cheaper now!! (they were a hundred when I bought them like 6 months ago!!)

So if you are looking for great headphones and are on a budget, my vote is for the Shure SRH-440 and no other. If you are looking for great headphones, are on a budget, but you don't record, then get the Grados SR60s. If you don't like open/close and are looking for in-ear ones... then do whatever, I don't really care for those! hehehehe :-p


Great sound
Detachable cable
Removable/replaceable earcups
Great build quality and foldable
Close-back design (meaning, they don't leak sound!)


Not very portable
No flat response

See you later guys/gals!

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