Thursday, May 29, 2008

DVD Profiler by Invelos Software

Hello guys.

After trying a couple of options to organize my DVD/Blu-Ray collection, I just found what I believe is the best software out there for this!

Invelos Software DVD Profiler: Invelos

Notice that as all similar programs, you need an internet connection in order to download the newest databases. Now once these databases are downloaded adding DVDs is simple. You have a couple of options to enter DVDs:

1) By UPC Code

2) By Searching for the name in the DB

3) If you have a DVD-ROM drive, by inserting the DVD in the drive and letting the software recognize it automatically.

I started yesterday getting my movies into the software (I'm at 204 but I still have half a closet to enter into my collection! ;-)) and it's a snap. I can honestly say that this is better than the Movie Collector Software (by Collectorz) that I was using.

You can also:

- Keep track of loaned DVDs (as in Movie Collector)
- Upload and share your collection online (peruse mine HERE)
- Export your database
- Print reports
- And even customize the way these reports come out (or you can download some templates from the site made by users).

These are only some of the features that this program has!
If you have more than 30 DVDs, I urge you to get this software.
It's easy to use and it makes your life easier.

Hope you enjoyed this mini review.
Once I get more experience with it, I'll probably post another update.


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Lisa said...

I agree with all the above, but an extra hint for some. I bought a UPC scanner for about $40 on a computer store website. Scanning 400 DVD's took less than an hour...and it was fun to do!