Tuesday, February 5, 2008

This explains quite well...

What a Software Designer must do.
That's my current title at the company I'm at now...


The only difference, I DON'T CODE!!! :-(
Don't even ask me how to initialize a parameter in C.
Does that even exists anymore?!? :-p

On The Job

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Alberto said...

Hahaha, what C? Yup still does exists! And it'll be living a longer life than we give credit to it. Or do you wish to have a .Net Framework on an F22?

Anyways, like I said a while back on another blog. Compiled languages will exist as long a good thing are needed and a better architecture is needed.

I saw that article but thought it was just extremely long to hear someone raving too much about something. Guess I'll have to take crack at it.